Floor covering Prestige 60 X 120 Glossy

Living room Prestige

The floor covering of your living room and lounge represents today the essential touch in the decoration of your interior.
It is because your living room must be convivial and breathing life, that Carthago Ceramic places at your disposal tiles of living room tendencies, of quality, and easy maintenance.
Don’t worry about tedious maintenance and choose any atmosphere that suits you.
A purified decoration of a majestic living room with character and warmth by the strength of the tile imitation marble.
From small tiles to large ones, from square to rectangular shapes, design your living room floor to your liking, and don’t miss any more inspiration with the flooring we offer.

Floor covering

Prestige 60 X 120 Glossy

Our marble-effect porcelain tiles can be used to decorate any commercial or domestic spaces.







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